Day 6: The REgal SprinT


Journal Entry #6: IT's Never Over

If anyone's reading this - by this point, I feel like you know me so well. 

I'm going to be real with you. I don't know if I've ever felt love.

I have a very distant, nebulous view of it. It feels like it can't be mine - and it doesn't feel like it's a universal feeling for everybody. It feels like something I'm always approaching, surrounding, studying...but never actually feeling.

I don't mean this bleakly. I just think I have subconscious apprehensions and I wish I knew precisely where and why they occur.

I have trouble letting people in, maybe. At the least, I have dissonance about this.

I don't know what I'm chasing, I don't know what I'm sprinting towards. I don't know what I'm consistently enticed by - how can that be? How can I be so drawn to a feeling I'm not sure I've even felt before? Obligation? Or am I actually feeling it? How can you know?

This outlook makes it hard. It causes for a lot of retrospect. It makes you wonder who you've loved, if anyone, and who you've loved most. It makes you wonder if they will be the best love you ever experience...and it's already happened to you. How can people be so sure that they're done?

It's never over. I'm never done.

This song ends with a beautiful string quartet. The score was written by Alexandre Lunardelli, a Brazilian composer. I provided him a room in my house in Nashville for a stint while he finished off his American visa, which was left over from attending school in Florida. Also in that house was Ryan Giesbrecht, who recorded the session. The string players were flawless. I'm very excited to share with you the full score - every individual string part as well as the overdubs which come in the second half.



(I have provided all possible formats to best serve your listening preferences - I understand that some of you like to add to playlists, passively stream, or download high quality waves and listen on cans. Pick whatever suits you best!)