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Day 5: Snore Captain



Hello my old friend
I’ve been waiting for ya
Telekinesis don’t work like it used to
Lived in my altar
5A above
We are the same like the names of our past loves
Weakly connected
By a lineage strong
Fighting collossi to the Pyramid Song

But you don’t seem to notice
That every time we face
You’re blanked and blurred and tryin’a get a grip of your mind
The psychic creek between us damned and shut by a listlessness incurred
by self destructive tendency my friend snore captain you got you got to wake up

You are a genius
A creative and friend
Braindead and lost is not a good agenda
Why don’t you answer
When I send you a text
You are my confidant, my muse, and we can’t let it end
2 hour train rides
And 90 proof rum
You need to stop slowly killing yourself

But even when in person it’s like you just phase out
You take a sip a sip a sip a sip then you’re out
I need you to be present and remember why the fuck you’re so cool
Because without your shit, I lose my shit, snore captain you got you got to wake up

MIx #1:


This is a podcast I did with my friend Thomas (aka Niagara Moon). I talk about my recording and process and approach to music in general among many other things!

Journal Entry #5: My best friend

Look, phases of your life end, people move away, and suddenly you have to relate to each other in an entirely new way. It happens all the time in life, and I get that there are growing pains associated with it. Not everyone just 'figures out' how to keep being friends through extreme circumstantial changes.

My best friend (and they still are my best friend,) and I have a lot of insane things in common. Our dating records share a lot of strange details. Our parents have the same names (yeah...I know). We were both randomly placed in the same dorm room as freshman (we're a year apart). We loved all of the same music.

As neat and cosmic that is, that's still just the shallow stuff when it comes to them. They're one of the most amazing humans alive. I can't even begin to laud them enough, and much less in a way that it would translate to anyone reading this.

I started to worry. I wasn't getting texts back from them, and I could sense that they were swamped in their new situation and in a way that didn't feel fulfilling. They were running themselves into the ground and it was evidently affecting our friendship. I couldn't relate to them at all anymore, our lines of communication were shot. What was so paining about this is that before, we had an almost telekinetic way of linking up. Our ears would perk up at the same things, or something would happen and I'd look up to see if they felt and understood the same things I was, only to find them already looking at me and nodding.

Our first game of Apples to Apples had a 100% rate of us picking each other's red cards. One I will always remember is how I placed 'dirt' down to describe America.

When I did get chances to see them on trips to visit, they'd drink themselves to a point that was incommunicable. It sucked, it felt like there was no way to get to them, no matter what I did. I could sense their hurt and anxiety and that it was all coming out in these ways.

I knew there was only one way to reach them.

I wrote them this song, and sent it to them in a text, with no explanation.


Arturia Minibrute Bass Synthesizer (Basslines, 3 part synth harmonies in chorus, ending solo)
Korg Poly-800 (Synth pads in prechorus, high organ in chorus, lead synth in prechorus 2)
Roland AX-09 (String ostinato)
Acoustic Guitar (ostinato)
Roland JU-06 Digital Synth (Intro synth, synth chorus in verses)
Korg Volca Keys (Arpeggiated synth in the verses)
Fender Telecaster (Guitar)
Roland TR-9 (Drums)
Roland TR-707 (Drums in verse 2)