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Day 4: Lethargy


Journal Entry #4: I lay down too much

I lay down a lot. And every time, it feels like a failure to me. Rarely when I lay down, does it feel deserved. Every moment can be used better than that, it tends to feel.

Usually, sad introspection accompanies it. When I wrote Lethargy, it was because I was laying down a lot. I would come home from work and lay down...maybe for 30 minutes at a time.

I remember before I wrote this, I was feeling so little in comparison to the world.

I wanted to feel known. I wanted people to know I was making noise. And it felt like every day that I came home and didn't work towards that, I would make an excuse.

so sick of waiting for a time of day

i am done with holding out for changes when they're ones i can make

idle Lethargy...this is bliss

idle Lethargy...

...don't give in.


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