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Day 3: Youth Shot


Journal Entry #3: Being whoever we want

I want to know if you empathize with me on something.

It feels like a lot of unhealthy behavior has become very normalized. When people are upset, it's normal to not talk about it. When people are sad, it's normal to drink until it hurts. When people are angry with others, it's normal to say "it's fine." When people hate their job, it's normal to "stick through it" because "that's life".

These modes of life - they should NOT be normal.

That's why when the idea for this song came to mind in the shower - I didn't discount it. I didn't call it an idea too strange, or dumb. I had an interesting idea, and I let it happen. That should be normal.


I had the idea to make a song with a few very simple ideas. 

It was going to be in 9/4

It was going to have a drastic accelerando

It was going to be 1 and a half minutes long

It was going to sample "We Go Together" from the movie Grease.

So, that's exactly what I made.


(I have provided all possible formats to best serve your listening preferences - I understand that some of you like to add to playlists, passively stream, or download high quality waves and listen on cans. Pick whatever suits you best!)