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Day 1: Child Grows


Journal Entry #1: is growing up a myth?

And by that I the platitude of "growing up" a myth? Or is it a narrative we all subscribe to in order to keep ourselves in line? 

Think about the spirit of a child - unconcerned with judgment. At what point are we told we need to fear judgment? To choose the responsible path?

I think if there were more competent adults out there with a childhood sensibility we'd be emotionally healthier, there'd be a lot more art, and a lot less stress.

There's such an archetype for there's a point where we should all be in ties. Why? This is not what we really want. Ask anybody.

I want to resist conventional growth. I wanted to make something that sounded like it didn't belong in a 20 something's mind, despite it coming exactly from there. I want it to be known that this is what self expression is - not bending to the world's urge for me to "sound 25 years old."

This song features stuttering synth parts, woozy, unsure basslines, and ripping leads that go WHEREVER they want to. I wanted to invoke child-like rhythms, ones that are struggling to stand, that are unconfident and meandering.

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